Archer of balls

Archer of balls

Cool arcade game in archery, in which you need to apply your own abilities and your own reasonable thinking, to arrange a clear shot and blow up all the weightless balls with the smallest number of arrows fired. You must blow up all the weightless balls to pass any degree, and you must damage the structures that defend them. Long Bow: Longer round, any player gets 3 shots. The distance to the target increases with any shot, so you must take into account the gravity and wind! Block bow: a round with strategic substances, where you will be able to sort out which targets to shoot at. It is more difficult to hit the targets with the highest merit, so do not hurry with your choice! In the match the one who won 2 games wins, the mode is randomly oriented. For you to master all modes, in case you want to win and take off in the ratings! You will fight against other players on the Internet in 4 different arenas: in the forest, in the wild west, in the village or the institute. Auxiliary arenas and game modes will be seen in this game with future updates.
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Archer of balls
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