Warfare area

Warfare area

This is a struggle, and the enemies have captured your base. You are the ultimate fighter from your unit on the basis of, for example, the fact that only you can give him a fight back. Take the rifle and get ready for battle. Setting up the background game is rapidly developing in advanced biotechnology. Politicians and servicemen are controlled by the monopoly of some bio consortia. In order to fight for interests, incidents have exploded all over the world. Leaks of biochemical microbes cause human contagion, dwellings full of infected zombies in the memory, the universe plunges into bloody murder, and the mysterious organization creates a special military detachment to fight for the future of the world's population. Progressively evolving online game, you will be able to choose a server in different areas of the world and compete with players from different countries, single-player mode of association in the zombies.3 multiplayer mode, in what number of team matches perdition, gift for all, weapons mode, you can still make your own room and make your own personal criteria to perform opposite your buddies in the Online. 7 maps with several people, subway stations, parking lots, metropolitan area.
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Warfare areaWarfare area
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