Sniper Mission 3D

Sniper Mission 3D

Is an action game in which you will play as a professional sniper. You will receive tasks from your employer that you will have to perform. Basically, it will be a simple "eliminate target" task. You need to find the target in hectorodar and kill them as soon as people can get nervous if you miss and the target can escape. Try to be as accurate as possible. For each award you can buy upgrades for your weapon or buy a brand new one. Fun offers you 20 tasks, so do not worry, you will not be born in the near future. The battle to survive in the dead is a disaster. Pick the worst weapon to stab the zombies coming to you. - Shoot the dead in this addictive shooting fun with lyrical 3D weapons - Upgrade weapons and flywheels to protect against the rising waves of the dead - Immerse yourself in a puzzle line and uncover the mystery of pneumonia Complete the tasks on the map world map in 3 exciting interactive modes PE mode, the realm of survival and the realm of weapons.
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Sniper Mission 3DSniper Mission 3D
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