Eltimate corona

Eltimate corona

The Covid 19 microbe is storming the world. Your task is to defend the nations and exterminate the germ. Leak out 20 values and defeat the crown germ. Success to you! You will have to fight the most dangerous and unpredictable enemy on the planet. On your shoulders is the responsibility for all mankind, because you were chosen to save poor people and yourself from terrible death. Gain patience and determination, as well as courage, diligence, benevolence, good reflexes and reactions, for without this you can not overcome the virus and do not give mankind a second chance. In the game you also expect various bonuses for completed tasks, so try to perform all tasks as well as possible and impartially. Twenty levels with increasing difficulty of completing tasks are waiting for you, but it makes the game only more interesting. The developers and scriptwriters of the game did everything possible to give you an interesting interface, with good graphics and sound. So, welcome! Start your operation to save the world!
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Eltimate corona
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