Trolls-Memory Cards

Trolls-Memory Cards

Popular characters in the movie about the trolls Rosochka and Tsvetan would like to play with you. This game provides a great opportunity to get to know all the trolls in their village. Since Rosochka loves to communicate and in general very active young lady, it is logical that she has a lot of friends. Our couple of trolls will put up special cards with portraits of their village with their shirt down on the screen right in front of you. You should find and select all the pictures with the same images in pairs. The first level will be uncomplicated because there will be a few cards and they will just be spread out. As you move through the levels, you will notice that the game is getting harder and it will be more and more difficult to find similar cards with troll images. And the cards will show all the trolls from the village, which you know exactly from the movie. There will be Tsvetan and Rosochka themselves, as well as Topolyok, Almond, Diamond and many other funny trolls. Play an interesting game, while practicing your memory and observation. At the same time you will find the most cheerful and funny friends in the world. Interesting game!
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Trolls-Memory Cards
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