World's Hardest Game online

Every gamer is interested in the question: what is the most difficult game in the world? The answer to that question can be given to every user of the site because we have a whole section dedicated to that topic. The TOP of the most challenging games in the world looks different, as it is created by experts of all abilities. And if one seems incredibly difficult any shooter, others are absolutely sure that the most difficult to pass is the "segment" Contra. It is noteworthy that our site is a "toy", which is called: the most complex game in the world, which belongs to the category of logical. To pass it, you will need to make a great effort, and if you still succeed, you can move from the first part to all subsequent. Because this section presents: The hardest game in the world 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. If you do not believe that the "toy" is really the most difficult, then you can try to pass a couple of levels right now. Some gamers are disappointed literally in the first minutes, because there comes a bitter realization that the available mental abilities are not enough to solve the tasks, set by the developer.