Tower Building Games online

Fans of online puzzles can rejoice: the number of "toys", where you need to "break your head," has recently increased significantly, and the tower build game in this "hit parade" takes not the last line. What are the online games where you need to build towers? This is a series of stories, but the main "message" of the developers is simple: you need to build a structure from the proposed materials, and it must meet some requirements. For example, to be the tallest. It would seem simpler than that: build yourself and build a tower, if not for one "but". The developers "took care" of additional factors complicating the task. For example, the tower build game of wooden cubes implies that the construction will be carried out on another planet, where the laws of gravity do not apply. Or you'll have to erect the object in difficult conditions, with a terribly uneven terrain, using improvised materials, or bars and blocks. Play the tower build game eerily interesting, because the gameplay involves not only the stage of construction of the object, but also to ensure its protection. It is possible that after the completion of construction you will have to fight with monsters and zombies.