Spinner Games online

The anti-stress spinner toy was at its peak a couple of years ago. Now the most popular are its virtual counterparts - games about spinners. Such online games do not require special talents and skills, therefore, they can play anyone, regardless of age. online games Spinner in the widest range are available at gamesson.net, which can be used for free, and most importantly - without registration. Spinner games have very simple rules. The main task facing the player - to spin the "propeller" so that he spins as long as possible and made the maximum number of revolutions. The controls, in this case, are not hands, but the mouse or arrow buttons. The game "Twist Spinner" is not as simple as it seems, because it allows you to earn bonuses, most often presented in the form of coins. Subsequently, you can spend them on "pumping" the "propeller. Our site also has free games Spinner, where you need to earn points. No less interesting are the variants with colorful balls, which should be fired from the cannon on the rotating blades, consisting of similar elements.