Blast It Games online

In 1983, saw the light of "Bomberman" beautiful "toy", which managed to conquer the hearts of gamers around the world. Games Blow It is a logical continuation of "Bomberman", but they have a number of serious differences, and above all, the plot and schedule, and the number of characters, too. Now there are 8 bomber robots, including 3 girls and 5 boys. Free games Blow It's in english allows you to give the characters different talents. Also, the player can choose the complexity level, map, number of opponents and players and other parameters. At you will find games Blow it up for two players. What is the essence of such "toys"? In the passage of mazes, in the removal of obstacles presented as monolithic walls or hedges. Externally, the characters are cute, smiling crumbs that act as miners. They perform their work very professionally: lure enemies into a trap and seal the exit from the trap with a bomb. The main task is to have time to escape, so as not to fall prey to the blast wave. Also, on our site are other games Blow It up. Carting is just one of the variations that boys are very fond of. In all the "toys" presented on our site, you can play for free and without registration!