Games about Horses online

Having your own stable with real horses is unfortunately not a dream for many people. But the game about horses allow you to get closer to the dream at once a few steps. The site has a huge number of "toys", which include these graceful animals. Free games about horses on your computer or smartphone do not need to download, because the online version does not involve unnecessary procedures. Of course, the boys prefer to participate in the races, and girls are more interested in the options where you need to take care of the horses, buy for them in the store things, paint their bodies, weave manes, and so on. Virtual world allows you to realize the most intimate desires. On our site there are games about horses, where you need not only embellish the horse, but also the rider. Also, at you will find options for the smallest gamers who are happy to add puzzles or paint pictures "with horses. Older girls have completely different interests. For example, they are very fond of the game about Barbie and the horse, Star Stable, realistic simulators and so on. By the way, some girls do not mind to pass the distance with barriers and other obstacles or ride on a riding horse a few dozen miles.