Wex Games online

Modern people have to live in the era of photorealistic graphics, and if a gamer suddenly gets a "toy" with simple visual and sound effects, it is unlikely he will play it, because "this primitive" he is not interested. This kind of judgement does not apply to Vex games, which do not need "advanced graphics". In essence, they are schematic arcades, in which the main character is a mysterious black man. Do not look down on him, because the simplicity of Vex games seems, and to pass at least one level, it will take considerable effort. The site gamesson.net. presents all parts of the game Vex (Vex): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, to play which you can right now. Indeed, why postpone indefinitely this pleasure to go through numerous levels, wander the mazes, perform tricks and diligently avoid traps?! For different parts of the Wex game (Vex) have their own tasks. For example, to pass the track, you need to choose the manner of movement, taking into account the dangerous areas. Please note that with each new level the tasks will become more complex. But you can do it for sure! The main thing is not to get trapped!