Star Wars Lego Games online

The famous saga was the reason for the total fascination with space. No less famous designer managed to conquer children's hearts around the world. Developers of computer games have managed to create a unique symbiosis that combines space and the designer. So appeared the Lego Star Wars game which can be played for free at For these "toys" is characterized by a dynamic plot and an abundance of different techniques, characters, fantastic weapons. Free games Lego Star Wars is flying spaceships, endless battles with the Sith, the art of mastering the sword of light and much more! On our site you will find a lot of new products and familiar games from the category of Lego Star Wars: "Awakening Power", "Clone War", brokers, shooters, etc. You will find new missions and a lot of adventure. Feel like a "space general"! Users of our site are free from the need to download your favorite "toy" on your own computer or gadget. Because we offer flash versions that do not require the installation of programs and downloads. Full versions of Lego Star Wars games differ in an abundance of stories. And this is not only the mission, battles and quests, but also "pumping" heroes!