Pixel War online

If you like online shooting and unusual "toys", then you should pay attention to the pixel war game . In essence, it's quite dynamic shooters, and as controls are used the keyboard of your computer. All stories and events take place in a pixel world, where the role of a structural unit is a cube. Especially favorite among the boys is the game Mincraft shooter Pixel War, the essence of which is to destroy enemies with any kind of weapons, ranging from pistols and submachine guns to mines, lasers and grenades. At site gamesson.net you will find an extended series of free online pixel war games . It is noteworthy that each novelty has a number of significant differences from its predecessors. In the new "toys" significantly expanded choice of uniforms, weapons, maps and everything else that is required to conduct combat operations. We also have a game shooter Pixel War, where the opponents are walking dead zombies. And the interesting thing is that you can choose their side! In this case, the player's task is to infect as many people as possible in order to increase your "dead" army.