Mortal Kombat Games online

The site offers all fans a virtual battle to take part in a grand battle. Mortal Kombat games are well known to older brothers and dads of modern boys who had the game console "Sega" in childhood. Initially, the developers planned to release a series of "toys" with the legendary "AWOL" in the title role (for those who do not know: this nickname is Jean-Claude Van Damme). After thinking about it, they gave up the idea. The first game Mortal Kombat downloaded through a torrent was impossible. Also, it was impossible to play them on the computer. This pleasure was available only to fans of slot machines, and a little later "Death Battle" moved to home consoles "Sega" and even "Dandy". Modern mortal kombat games , which can be played for free, without downloading and registration, a variety of storylines and beautiful graphics. The main plot "revolves" around the Elder Gods and the One Essence. If this is the first time you hear these names, it means you're seriously behind the scenes! Although, every school-age boy knows very well that the Gods have declared war on the Essences because they fed on its powers. And who wins this deadly battle depends on you.