Sofia the Beautiful Games online

The young doctor has "golden" hands and a good heart, as well as many other advantages. Who is she? Dr. Plyusheva specialist in the treatment of toys and the main character of the popular Disney animated series. Online games Dr. Plyusheva in Russian can be found at, which presents the best "toys" for children of different age groups. What does this dark-skinned girl do? She takes an active part in the life of toys, treats them, takes care of them in every possible way and returns them to their lost appearance. Games for girls Dr. Plyusheva really good and positive. All the stories of online games with Dr. Plyusheva "spinning" around the hospital, where she tirelessly provides medical care to broken or in trouble toys. Thanks to her efforts and active help gamers, it will be possible to bring back to life a whole galaxy of characters: blue dinosaur Drakoshu, snowman, Labia sheep and all other secondary characters who have some problems with their "toy health. Online games Dr. Plyusheva in Russian are operations, outpatient treatment, as well as preventive measures. Everything is like in a real hospital, except for patients!