Batman Games online

Becoming a superhero in reality is not easy, but online games Batman will allow you to perform many actions that are inaccessible to the average person. Tasks Batman very diverse: today he saves one person, tomorrow the city, and the day after that the whole country! Free online games Batman allow every boy to feel like a superhero. Who knows, maybe after these "toys" he will want to do only good deeds and protect those who are weak and can not stand up for themselves! At you will find a huge number of browser games based on famous comics about Bat Man! Plots of online games Batman always touch upon the main theme of the comic book. We can play the online game "Batman vs. Penguin" for free, characterized by cunning and cunning. The goals of the evil Penguin is quite clear: he wants to enslave the city, but the Bat Man will not let him do it! Other characters may also act as his enemy. For example, the Two-Faced Man, Iron Man, Hulk or Catwoman. Whoever wins the battle depends on the player, although sometimes the characters are a single team assembled together to fight Universal Evil!