This is a multiplayer 2D ninja fighter-themed game. You are a ninja warrior with various weapons in your ruling. Use your own ways and weapons as much as possible to defeat other players. The battles take place on a growing variety of maps every day. Players and other objects are subject to the laws of physics, which makes any deaths and any impact truly original. Ninja, the famous character who wears a face mask with acrobatics, lurking, deadly slash track, in order to slay monsters, zombies, dark dragon.
With a great scenario for everyone. An uneasy ninja battle in the woods to save innocent people from death, ghosts and destruction. It is a battle between good, evil, evil. The ninja gives righteousness to fight the dark forces, which are considered monsters, zombies, monsters, the dark dragon ... Delight in the beauty of true combat, which was made possible thanks to the progressive technology and soft animations. After each victory, the power of the ninja will be multiplied, the ninja has the ability to transform into characters with greater power, and the fight will become more and more fiercely fierce with the enemy with the power of destruction, in fear.
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