Def island

Def island

When your peninsula is under threat, and you are the only one who has the ability to help it out, actually what will you do? You must use your own gun to shoot your enemies and defend your own peninsula. A large number of boats and planes are approaching. Use your own knowledge of physics to defeat them. Good luck! Simulate tools from improvised materials, study the imprints of ancient civilizations and collect the necessary resources to help your team to endure all the hardships. Combine the gems on hundreds of "3 in a row" values to get through the tasks and reveal the amazing hidden islands. Grow and collect the collection to apply it as ingredients for the production of the original gems. Add to your personal inventory the items and valuables found on the peninsula. Try to bear all the burdens between unusual creatures and unsafe locations. Do you have enough strength to stay alive? Let's find out!
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Def island
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