Black Thrones

Black Thrones

Play for Black, the murderer in his last race, to save yourself and defend those he prefers from the legions of the undead at the top of the boundless wall. Jump and slide under different obstacles. Do not spare any last naughty enemy standing in your way to increase your personal score by collecting coins to update prizes scattered all over the wall. Are you actually ready to try your hand at the best of the best? It's time to demonstrate what you can do! Gather a powerful unit, go to the arena and fight for leadership with other players. Remember: sometimes the best defense is offense!
Connect with your buddies and other commanders to overcome the chefs that threaten your entrenchment. Fight giants, wild animals and other enemies. Defeat them, and your efforts will be rewarded! Choose the character class that best reflects your style of play, from a mad berserk to a mighty wizard. Conquer monsters with killer abilities or fight in the arena with other players.
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Black Thrones
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