Paperio 2

Paperio 2

The main task of the game is to grab as much land as possible. In the beginning of the game, all players get on various cards which have limits of capacity. Any player is assigned once from colors, for example scarlet, pigeon, greenish, orange and others. The game background gives you a large piece of paper, on which you will perform. Your colored cube moves forward every day, and you can choose the purpose of its movement. Capture of land is guided by the volume of the painted area of the map. The more you capture the land, which is better! Any player chooses his own unique strategy of the game, it highlights the probability of lying and defeating competitors. It's worth remembering that all players on your card will try to grab a share of your land, don't let them create it. Every time you watch your own tail, because it is your most vulnerable space. Try not to retreat far from your own color and be careful each time. Try to grab as much land as possible and show the best score. Good luck!

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Paperio 2
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